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Quirky-Marketing is incorporated into Quirky Training business courses, classes and workshops, focusing on the social media marketing aspect. Besides blogging, this can include Facebook, Twitter, or others. Quirky Training produces courses for Quirky Academy and Blog Trainer UK, that form part of Sandra Bellamy’s World Of Quirky organisation. Blog Trainer UK, is a Goggle Verified Business.

Make a difference to your life and business with QuirkyTraining.com. Learn, develop and grow your way to success and happiness with Quirky Training for your life and business.

At quirkytraining.com  you will find details of courses, classes and workshops, delivered by Quirky Trainer Sandra Bellamy, and created especially for you, with your needs in mind.

Whether you want to improve your mental health, have more happiness in your life, or connect with your clients and customers in a more deep and meaningful way, to grow your audience and brand, we have a course for you.

Quirky Training and Sandra Bellamy, promotes equality and diversity. Anyone and everyone is welcome to enrol for training, regardless of background, age, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or other.

All training is usually delivered at the Phoenix in Exeter, but may also be delivered via Skype or other, by prior arrangement. If you have a disability or special need, we may be able to make alternative arrangements. If you live in the UK, Call Sandra directly on 01392 434202 or 07932 768970 for details. If you live outside of the UK, email her using the Contact form or contact her via Facebook www.facebook.com/quirkyacademy or Twitter www.twitter.com/quirkyacademy.

Quirky Training specialises in bespoke one-to-one blog classes that are created by Blog Trainer UK, Sandra Bellamy, and produced by them, in association with Quirky Academy.

Quirky Training also specialises in social media marketing (Facebook and Twitter) one-to-one classes, that are created by quirky-marketing, and either delivered in person at the Phoenix, or may be able to be delivered via Skype or other. Contact Sandra direct, for details about those.

Make a difference today, for your future tomorrow, with QuirkyTraining.com in association with QuirkyAcademy.com

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