Blog For Health And Happiness Workshop

Whatever your passion; whether it’s photography, writing, cooking, travelling, inspiring, designing, or something else, blogging lets you express that passion and get carried away with it.

The more you talk about what you like, enjoy, and are passionate about, the happier you will feel and become.

Through blogging, you can connect with like-minded people who share your hobbies, your ideals, your interests and your passions. You can attract a following, get mutual support, and gain a fresh perspective on almost anything.

The social interaction you get from liking and commenting on other bloggers posts, will make you feel fantastic.

Having a community of different bloggers with a variety of backgrounds and experiences, means your life will be enriched by diversity. Your thinking will be challenged. You will learn more about different cultures, be better informed and more worldly. You will always have someone else to talk to.

When you do what you love and love what you do, there is no stopping you. You can’t help but feel happy and good.

Blog your way to health and happiness with this intense and fun, one day workshop.

In this workshop you will:

  • Create a Blog from scratch with no prior knowledge and no code needed.
  • Customise your blog for a unique look and feel.
  • Learn how to create posts and pages.
  • Gain ideas for what content to write that will attract others to your site.
  • Be able to connect with other bloggers who share your interests, passions and aspirations.
  • Learn how to gain followers and where to find inspiration.

If you want to feel great doing something you love, why not book a Blog For Health And Happiness one-to-one Workshop – visit for more details.

If you would like to make an enquiry or to book a course, you can email me using the contact form, or via message at or Or if you live in the UK, you can phone me on 07932 768970 or 01392 434202. Courses are delivered in the Phoenix in Exeter, UK, via Skype, or other.

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