Facebook and Twitter Training – Professional or Personal

Getting Started

So you want to get started on social media, but feel embarrassed that you don’t know how. Or you have already started but secretly don’t know what you are doing, because you haven’t grasped the basics. Does that sound familiar? I understand, because I have been in this position myself and afraid to say I got somewhere, but really didn’t know how I got there! And now I am stuck – help please!


If you run a business and realise that your competitors are getting more exposure and more sales from social media and you feel you are missing out, Quirky Training can provide a solution tailored to your individual needs. By the end of your Quirky Training you can be confident that you will have a deeper understanding of the basics and know how social media can be used to grow your client base and ultimately your business.


If you love social media, but don’t understand your # from your @, a follow from a Like, and want more social interaction, Facebook and Twitter training with Quirky Training is just the solution you need to take you through the basics and get learning some cool stuff so you can chat to more people and have more fun!

Prices for training start from £50 per hour for a minimum of 2 hours for face-to-face training in the Exeter area, or by phone, Skype, Google Hangouts, or other. If you live outside of Exeter and want face-to-face training, transport and any other associated costs would be extra.

If you live in the UK, call me, Sandra Bellamy, on 07932 768970 or 01392 434202 for a free 20 minute consultation. Outside of the UK, a consultation can be arranged by Skype or other, please contact me in the first instance at www.facebook.com/quirkytraining or www.twitter.com/quirkyacademy or using the contact form. Thank you and I look forward to being of service to you.

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